When I press and hold the voice control button it activates Siri on my paired iPhone instead of talking to the iDrive system, so for example when I say "Navigate to 1 Acacia Avenue, Newtown, Grimsville" my phone google maps bursts into action and the BMW satnav sits there doing nothing. It says its using an external connection or some thing similar. I've tried disconnecting the phone/iDrive paring but then the voice control button does nothing at all. I only want to use the voice control for BMW iDrive features and not Siri features (but keep the phone pairing for receiving inbound calls).

I did see a post in this forum from a few years ago that pointed me to the voice control manual (which whilst it didn't offer any suggestions to fix this problem was useful as I didn't have this manual before). Forum value added already!

Checked out obvious things like language.

Any ideas?