Hi guys,

I am very new on the forum. This is my first post.

The issues I encounter have been discussed up to a point on other posts, however I don`t seem to find a solution. I have already booked the car for a diagnosis with my dealer, but it`s only next month.

I am hoping that some of you will be patient with me . Here is a list of my problems:

1. Needle fluctuates: I`ve noticed this issue when standing still (idle) and especially when turning on/off A/C or increasing its power etc. I have never seen this with any of the previous cars we had., however all were very large cars, diesel cars (5 series). Is this happening with any of you guys?
2. When forcing the acceleration (very steep hill moving from idle) and the RPM goes over 4000 (2 or 3 times), I can feel a smell of burning rubber (if the car sits over 4000 RPM for 4-5 seconds or more and trying to move). The acceleration out of gear doesn`t seem to trigger this issue, nor when driving at high speeds. It doesn`t seem to come from under the hood (no visible leaks, no smoke). The exhaust and wheels don`t seem to be the problem either. It feels as if the smells comes from under the car..but again..difficult to identify.
3. When breaking while reversing only, I can hear a metallic sound which is not normal. The actual break system however seems accurate in all instances (traffic, speed or reverse)
4. When I turn on the A/C at max setting, there is a whistling coming from the back. If I decrease 2 bars, it stops. If I open the door, again it stops (even if at max).
5. At high speeds only, when I force the accelerator, I briefly have an odor of gasoline inside the car. Never in normal driving conditions (maybe 3500 - 4000 RPM and above and if done in an aggressive manner)

If you have any suggestions, I would be eternally grateful

Thank you,