I went to my first track last Thursday to do a track evening at Rockingham and canít wait to go again in September.

Initially I started looking for another 330i just to track as didnít want to ruin mine buy stripping it and modding if for the track since I spent ages looking for a nice one with the options I wanted. But itís a bit difficult to justify having 3 e46s (my gfs has one as well).
So first thing first, tyres. What tyres shall I get? Iíve got Avons on staggered MV2 at the moment. They came on the alloys I bought on ebay. They are fine for the road but on the track, the fronts got hot and started to melt after a few laps. I have a spare set of staggered MV2 I was going to put winter tyres on after I trashed the bridgestones on them doing an Airfield Driver Training Day with Andrew Walsh from car limits:

Are R888s good for heavy cars? Itís a medium compound so worried if they will they last and not overheat? Am I better to going for hard compound like NS2R (180)?

What about pads? Which ones are good for track but still usable on road? I donít mine squeaking and brake dust but prefer good value.

Is it worth changing brake fluid to higher temp?