Moose's E36 M40 turbo, might be overkilling it...
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    Moose's E36 M40 turbo, might be overkilling it...

    So hi. I already have posted some pics in one m40 build thread, but i thought i'll make my own thread too.

    Regular e36 4-door, 318i from factory with 83kw.

    Actually bought it for 200 euros over 3 years ago from a friend, just to use it as winter-beater
    First winter was fun and games.. but as i'm fully petrolhead and i've built lots of stupid things before this car and also after this car.. i needed to modify this one too.
    So first i installed 3" throttle body to get more air into the engine as NA. Ofcourse new air filter etc the little pointless stuff. Also camshaft from M43 engine to get rid of the ticking noise.
    Then turbo.. with stock ecu. Had some oil problems with the engine so rod bearings blew. Built new engine(stock parts ofcourse), same turbo, but now bigger injectors from supra, MAP sensor from saab, intercooler and programmable ecu(DTA). Immidiately tuned it to 1,5bar of boost.. everything was fun, seemed fast as hell (should've been over 250hp).
    Suddenly came a crave for a v8.. so sold the turbo engine to a friend(who sold it also and next owner dynoed it with alot smaller turbo and 1,3bar of boost@187kw so about 250hp) and bought a 3 litre v8. Welded m30 gearbox to m60 automatic housing and installed the whole thing.
    Later installed intake from 4 litre and dynoed it to 175kw(about 230hp).

    THEN, got tired of the lack of power... was between turbo v8 and turbo 1.8... seems funny right? Decided to go with 1.8.. don't ask me why..

    So, again new engine and new everything else. Still supra injectors but times 8... so 8x 440cc. Why? No particular reason other than i just got them for free. Running them equally so no staged rails or anything. As long as the ecu or engines sees it, it has 880cc injector per cylinder
    First used a Ct26 turbo from supra 7mgte, but that didn't work for me so got a K29 from volvo FH7 9,3 litre
    At the moment engine is taken apart, but at last drag it was running 2,4 bar of boost. And i have no idea yet what power it's making

    I'm not gonna write a very long thread(probably that ship sailed already), so i'll throw a few pictures and if any questions, let them free

    "Some" pictures

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