I have a 2001 x5 3.0 first BMW, I love the car but I can't figure out the a/c not working. the system is charged, tried to jumper the pressure switch, the clutch does not engage it from low voltage (5v) to it. It will engage with a 12v jumper wire to the pump and produce cold air. The a/c fan is not turning on. I took it to a good shop to look for codes, it had several codes that were cleared to see what would return. The only codes that would not clear were for restraint and cluster no a/c codes. Turning on the a/c with the climate control it lights up like it is working but no cold air. Ambient outside air temp sensor working, I removed climate control and cleaned it where the fan is for checking interior temp. With lack of codes should I be looking at the climate control unit? Thanks for any help