E30 mtech 1 sport resto
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    E30 mtech 1 sport resto

    Well Going to put this on here aswell, It all needs tidying up anyhow so here it goes.
    My 1987 e30 sport. Stripped the car to a bare shell as anyone who knows about e30's knows they like to rust and hiding it. I knew about the bits in the footwells but ended up doing alot more.....

    this was the first side that was done so its a bit more patchy, when it came to the other side it was cut out in one go and less patches welded together


    new scuttle ready to be welded on, want topaint behind it first before it does go on

    welded up the dread floor bungs

    the scuttle lip ontop of the firewall, pinched it from the green shell, probably the only decent bit that was on it lol

    this bit was a task, turns out you cant get new battery trays on their own so a new one was made. cut the shape out of a lump of wood and routered out the indentations. then cut a new tray to size and massaged the shape in with a hammer ontop of the wood. also had to replace the section underneath it, drill new holes and fit the captive nuts.

    Primered the back of the scuttle panel and the area behind it and welded it on today, also cleaned up some more of the fire wall area ready for a skim of filler over the welds

    Next I run a skim of filler over the welds in the engine bay to tidy things up. Also finally got the primer on and seam sealed all neccessary areas! The bottom has been red oxided to give it a base for the stone chip underseal.

    home made batery tray came out pretty good

    Took the reacted bits of the tetrosyl back today and re did them, didnt come out to shabby

    There was a some surface rust on the inside of the roof above the bottom of the sunroof tray. Also the drain tubes on said tray needed replacing. I was going to seperate the tray from the roof but looking at it seemed alot of faffing around. In the end decided to do this

    Cut bottom of the tray off with some .6mm cutting discs ( these things are thin! and great for making thin cuts). Could easily get to the roof like this with my sand blaster and no more rust

    next the tray drains were repaired with some new metal in the corners and some new pipes

    then that was all sandblasted.

    repaired the front drains the same way

    Then whilst cleaned the rest of the roof up disaster! A hole appeared here but was carefully welded

    Then a small bit of filler to smooth things off

    same with these repairs

    Now was the perfect time to coat the roof and tray with primer

    Next, again whilst access was easy nice coat of paint!

    It doesnt picture very well here but it shows up much better with the sunroof tray

    Didnt come out to shabby if i do say so myself as ive never sprayed with a gun bar primer before.

    The astute amongst you will notice that this isnt Dolphin grey. It is infact a close matching cellulose i got from my local paint shop. The reason for this is i want to cover the whole inside before it goes back together but didnt see the point in Dolphin grey base coat, then clear coat making it look all nice and pretty to never see it again. So the whole interior is going this shade whilst everything else will be Dolphin grey when the time

    Stripped all of the old paint and seam sealer off of the interior, sand blasted it and plated a few small holes. Re seam sealed all over

    Then painted all inside in primer, I tell ya what a task it was getting in all the nooks and craneys of the firewall area and get a decent finish.

    A picture of the muppet (me) doing the spraying

    Then after sanding some dusty bits down

    Onto some colour!

    Considering im no pro if i do say so myself it didnt come out half bad considering shapes of the thing inside. I tell ya when it comes the exterior it will be a breeze

    Decided to tackle the rear outer wings next. They both had a few scab holes around the lips but thought not messing around repairing i might aswell replace the lot as they are inexpensive.

    First of cut the old ones and and carefully measured up the new ones to get a snug fit for welding. Unfortunatly this is where the problems started, this showed the state of the otherwise looking good inner arches.

    Cut a bit more out for access, then cut out the outer part of the inner wing.

    Then some more annoyance .

    the inner section is holy aswell. These are over £200 a side at the stealers . So seeing as the structual part where the shock goes is ok it was cut out and plated.

    Then the new outer part went on

    then welded the rear quater bit back on that was removed for access.

    then the outer wing went on

    I bought Pair of sill to repair the tin worm in the rear of the ones on the car, then thought well i got a whole sill may aswell fit a whole sill

    Right now the small hole in the inner part of the inner rear wing which turned out to be a bigger hole. Cut it all out and welded a fresh bit of metal in.

    Also the plate the top of the rear spring sits on strengthening had corroded away to nothingness. You can get this as a repair section from bmw, it comes on a rear chassis rail and is over £100. I thought that was a bit much just to cut the middle bit off of it as my chassis rails are solid its just the strengthening that has gone. God only know why bmw put a hole and a grommet in the centre of this but it appears to be what causeed the rot on it.None the less it was tackled like this. A template was drawn up out of card. Then used to make this

    and then tacked on for now but already the top plate has its strength back at the edge

    Still a hole to cut out and plate here but need to replace a section of that metal tube you can see before that is done.

    And a last one for good measure, offering up the sideskirt and front wing to check the alignment and see roughly where i need to make a template for the holes for the sideskirt fasteners in the sill.

    starting to look like a car again .

    o/s/r is finished!

    Cut out the remaining rot and a metal handled wheel barrow kindly donated part of itself to repair the end of the fuel breather pipe tube that runs over the rear bench .

    Then one final clean up then undersealed. Looks 100x better

    made up new brackets for the breather bottle and mud guard.

    much of the same as the o/s, had to repair the inner part of the inner wing, cut out rot and welded in fresh metal.

    Next the outer section was welded on

    then outer wing cut out and new one welded in

    then i refitted the front suspension to move the whole car off of my pit ( first time its moved in over a year ) to drop the rear axle to tackle the last bit of the crusty stuff
    Also in this pic the outer sill has been cut out ready

    A hole that was in the rear bench above the fuel tank cut out and plated. Was going to paint this with the rest of the interior back in May but it was too hard to do with the rear axle in the way.

    the sorry state of the n.s.r inner seal where the fuel pump mounts before

    and after

    and starting to seal the inner arch.

    As i type the inner sill and new outer sill have under seal drying on them ready to be welded on.

    n/s sill is on!

    and the n/s has been taken back, skim of filler on the welds and the strenuous task of flattening the filler

    And that was where i got to last October. Things took a turn for the worst when i got chucked out of the lock up i was renting so now its sitting under wraps in my father in laws garage. Unfortunalty its on the backburner at the moment as me and the mrs go engaged new years and we are saving for our first house together. Hopefully next year i will start working on it again and get this Mofo back on the road

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    Awsome. Glad to see this project on here

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    That is one awsome read mate

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    yeah, I have loved this one since I first saw it! shame about getting chucked out of the lockup! Hope to see more progress on her soon!

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    a lot of work gone into this car so far and looking very good carnt wait to see the finish

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