m33's E36 323i coupe
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    m33's E36 323i coupe

    hello everybody.

    Here is my e36 coupe

    (Sorry about poor quality phone pics, need to get the decent camera out and find a nice location)

    It is a 1998 323i coupe with 130k on the clock with cloth interior and unfortuately an auto box.

    It drives reasonably well although it doesnt feel very nice in top gear on economy mode while sat at 50-60, it feels a bit notchy and a change of the transmission fluid and filter is on the cards. It has a very light oil leak if not used for a week or so but fine if its used frequently, bit odd. It is surprisingly free of rust with just a small amount of bubbling on 1 of the rear quarters. The paint work isnt great especially on the bonnet but i'm not to fussed about it at the moment. O/S headlamp lense is full of condensation which I have dried out once and its redone it which is a bit annoying.

    I managed to snag a bargain m sport front bumper with damage for 10 and a leather interior that needs a bit of restoration for 15 both from ebay and both locally collected. They are both currently being worked on (pics to follow).

    Not sure on the direction I am going with the car its not a daily so ive not really bonded with it properly and its not quite as much of a get in and rag it for a couple of hours type car as an mr2 or mx5. I suspect the auto box is part of the problem as its just not quite as involving as i'd like.

    I am also now wondering about changing the wheels for some 17s and lowering it to get a slightly sportier ride. Strange as they were the thing that 1st drew me to the car.

    I bought it a little a while ago on a whim. I was after a rwd plaything after selling my mr2 project and whilst looking at various mx5's, old merc's and nissan s13 & s14 I was drawn to this. At the moment I am loving the squarer design of the 80's and 90's and so that coupled in with the black paint, tinted glass, big 18" staggered style 67's which arent supposed to fit on a e36 and my imagination was sparked. Coupled in with a good price and 12 months mot I was unable to say no.

    Another pants picture

    Ive spent the last couple of months doing bits and pieces interspersed with spirited drives. Full service including fuel filter which I strongly suspect was the original item. Plugs were pretty grim looking and there was 1 that looked a fair bit different to his mates.

    I refurbed the 2 front wheels as they were a bit battered.



    And also fitted new tyres to the fronts as they were very worn on inner edge due to slight rubbing.

    I painted the chrome grill surround in matt black

    I fitted carbon look badges all round as the originals werent great and I thought these looked pimp.

    Any feedback or suggestions would be welcomed.


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    One BCP 7ES in the middle of a set of BKR6ES - no wonder it drives better now...

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