Popped my 4 wheel Alignment Cherry - BMW M3 CSL
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    Popped my 4 wheel Alignment Cherry - BMW M3 CSL

    So for the first time, I was brave enough to let someone other than my local and time served trusty BMW mechanic look at my car.

    Its a 2004 M3 CSL, with a good few owners under its belt, and its now just seem over 118K miles.

    Its new to me, and although the last owner had gone though it replacing all the bushes that needed doing and all the springs, after a recent visit to the tyre shop I still found that it didn't really what to play under hard acceleration.

    So I had a 4 wheel alignment at QR Sport, near Chester, Cheshire. And though they are a Audi specialist, they are good lads, and I've known the owner for a few years now, and they do a bit with a few race cars, and mail order parts, as well as the boring stuff like MOT's and cambelt services.

    I watched the job very closely, as 1. its my baby on the ramp and 2. the ramp was by the viewing area where I was having my coffee. Then as I know the garage, they let me have a look at what they were doing and a good luck around the car. The tech working on the car was very friendly, and was explaining how it all worked and how on my car in particular it was adjusted and what it was doing, and how it all hung together.

    It was all very interesting. And to be be told it was "Red" on the system and should be "Green" was good, as I had a hope that there was room for improvement.

    Any road, to cut a long "2 1/2 Hours" story short, the car was brought back into the "Green" zone and all was well.

    I took her home, and it may be in my head, but it felt much better, it felt like the n/s/r wanted to come around all the time, which was owing to the toe, and now corrected I'm much happier, as it only comes around linked to my right foot.

    This leads me to the point of the post, before having the work done, I had all the info from the internet, and BMW specs etc, but the garage had the specs for the car on the computer, so worked to that. And I thought I'd share my before and after, and I wondered if any other E46 M3 owners had had the same exercise what to share their results and thoughts on how the process improved or changed the handling.

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