How to install front coilovers on a e36 with camber top mount plates
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    How to install front coilovers on a e36 with camber top mount plates

    Im sure many have you have looked and wondered how to do it for the first time me included so i found this very useful guide from another forum and think it may help a lot of people

    coilover kit is racelands which are very popular in the us but sold in various guises in the uk or rokkors as some people know them as but the principle is the same for other more established makes so here goes........

    previously dumped on Raceland coilovers. Check out the fun relationship my tire and the fenderwell had.

    So before we start unbolting the racelands lets loosen the lug nuts on the front wheel of your choice.
    Next, place chokes behind the rear wheels and jack the car up enough so that a jack stand can be securely placed under the frame rail.
    Remove lug nuts followed by wheel and place somewhere out of the way.

    Wiggle the brake and abs sensor lines from the shock as shown here

    Next, remove the shock tower nuts

    Unbolt bolts A & B using a ratchet and 18mm socket
    Unbolt bolt C using same 18mm socket. Another ratchet with an 18mm socket or wrench is needed to prevent the nut on the other side from moving.

    Now that everything is off, the shock just needs to be wiggled free and maneuvered out.
    Both fronts out

    camber plates were not centered so they were centered using a 5mm allen wrench to loosen, adjust, then retighten the plates.

    Using the raceland coilovers as reference, I loosened the bottom collar and rotated it upwards until the desired height. This was followed by rotating the entire bottom assembly upwards so as to shorten the shock height.

    Once the bottom half of the shock makes contact with the locking collar, make sure you tighten the collar downwards to prevent further movement. Hand tighten only though as you will still need to make adjustments.

    Notice that the picture and actual camber plates aren’t really the same so it leaves one to wonder in exactly what orientation the shocks should be installed.

    The coilovers were installed with the K Sport logos closest to the outside of the car. This means that you will still need to rotate some in order to get the top and bottom of the shocks to line up to the correct holes.

    Before the install, let’s take a look at both assemblies for comparison purposes.
    Main difference was that the Raceland bracket for the brake line was crooked (puposely) whereas in the K Sport, not so. Instead K Sport designed the top hat at a slight tilt so that the actually shock sits vertically.

    Note: Make sure the springs are not under any preload before installing. (as stated by instructions)
    Now for the install. Obviously it is almost identical, except backwards to the removal.
    Twist the lower shaft as needed so that everything lines up and then hand tighten the locking collar.

    Now start by getting the three top nuts on. Make sure not to tighten so that there is enough movement available to get the bottom bolted up.

    Now maneuver the rotor assembly and the shock until bolt C can be inserted into its home. This is easier if you have a buddy to help you out. If they are all hungover and don’t want to help, a jackstand can also be of help to adjust the rotor assembly height as needed while you mess with the actual coilover. It’s also handy to have a good size screwdriver or pry bar for aligning the holes once they are close. Again, leave this fairly loose.

    Next, more wiggling until bolts A & B line up. Make sure not to just tighten one bolt all of the way as the second one may not go in (may be wrong about this, you’ll figure it out when the time comes).
    Now that everything is bolted up, go ahead and tighten all the bolts (six in total).

    Place the lines where they belong

    [IMG]Use the forks to tighten the spring perches by trying to move the top one down and the bottom one up.[/IMG]

    Now tighten the shaft collar using one of the forks.

    The last step to the install is to adjust the dampening. Grab one of the little knobs and stick it into the top of the coilover. Twist it completely clockwise until it stops. Now, move it back 18 clicks. This is in the moderate dampening setting. Adjust as needed/preferred.

    Now get that wheel back on and work your way over to the other side of the car.

    legal jargon-i accept no responsibility blah blah blah for any incorrect fitting........basically dont be stupid and do it right

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