Fuel Pressure Problems N47D20A
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    Fuel Pressure Problems N47D20A

    I have had unbelievable fuel pressure problems in my 2008 E83 / N47D20A over the past several months due to use of a new chemical based fuel additive which I tried.
    The end result has been two high pressure fuel pumps destroyed, the second due to the idiot who blew the feed line backwards through the filter, exploding it and all thecontamination into the fuel tank and leaving the system without any protection (undetected). After the second new pump was fitted along with a new filter, it continued tohave filter blockage problems so I cut open the original filter which I had collected and found the reason for the disaster. After two further filter blockages, I have had to remove the fuel tank, drain and flush it and both feed and return lines and put in fresh uncontaminated fuel with another new filter. I am now confident that all contamination has gone and the engine is running well with no red dash warning lights but I am still getting an amber DDE light every few days with a new message on my analyser of"Plausibility of pressure readings" on both the high and low pressure sides of the circuit. This fault light goes off when the engine is stopped and may not return until several days later. I am at a loss as to the cause so I need to get hold of information as to exactly what these pressure readings should be and any special criteria applying to the test procedure. Please note that the rail pressure sensor and bypass solenoid have also been replaced and the rail and injector lines cleaned. Can anyone with experience or access to information help me with the high & low pressure readings that the DDE is expecting & the relevant RPM's, idle etc. This could as simple as taking fuel pressure readings on your analyser of any healthy N47D20A 177 hp. engine around this vintage as used in any of the BM model range so I can compare to find my problem or know where I can look them up.
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