Hi all, I've only just bought a newer model of X3 today, we traded in my girlfriends 2004 2.0 Diesel SE manual 6 speed today for a 2007 2.0 Diesel SE X3 with only 54,000 miles on it.
I've Literally only drove 20 miles and the engine light has come on, I got it hooked up to a diagnostics computer and it's showing
4212 Glow Plug Cylinder 1 Activation AND also
3FF0 Air Mass Flow Sensor.
I'm wondering if these faults come hand in hand and has anyone experienced these issues?
The car was only owned for a year by its previous owner and I'm wondering if this problem has caused them to dump it in with a dealer for a new car? The car is driving ok with no loss of power.

Any pointers or help would be appreciated for when I get in touch with the dealers tomorrow or on Monday.