I'm thinking of adding the BMW Advanced Car Eye to my almost one year old X1 - It's hard to find objective reviews and full specs on the camera however and also to find photographs of an X1 with it fitted. Is there anyone here who has a new shape X1 who has the device fitted (front only is OK - though I am thinking of buying the front and rear). I just want to know that choosing the BMW option (and having it fitted by my dealer) will be the right balance between elegance and unobtrusiveness in fitting and specifications of the camera(s).

I've looked at other high spec DashCams such as the BlackVue DR650S-2CH and the range of Garmins and Nextbase. The fitted price of the BMW one isn't too outrageous compared to the fitted costs of these devices, but I a)want to see how it woudl look fitted in an X1 and b) be able to compare the definition, anti-glare, night vision performance, etc.

On the face of it, the BMW seems to be a good spec, but I'd really like to see a printed specification and to hear from existing users of it in an X1.

Can anyone help?