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Thanks for the help. I bought an used column on Ebay. It is coming on Saturday. I will take the parts from there. I wish I did that in the first place because it already comes with the ignition switch as well. I would had saved on that, I just didn't know this part was damaged as well. I hope everything works out. At least for now I'm running the car with a screw driver, it works fine while I wait for the column.

I was also wondering. Is there anywhere where I could buy my headlights covers? Even if they are not original. Mine are all yellow because of the sun and they look terrible. I had people cleaning them before but they already lost their original clearness. I asked BMW and they say they don't have the covers alone. That I would have to buy the whole headlight which is way too expensive.

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Hi there, I had the same problem with my lights and I bought the covers on Ebay, the only problem is you have to use a heat gun to prise them apart and guess what it is almost impossible to get them back correctly. I then bought a complete pair of headlight assembly’s on Ebay and all worked fine.
I also use the magic sponges advertised on eBay, they work wonders for a few moths.
Good luck!

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