Comprehensive Car Insurance Guide
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    Comprehensive Car Insurance Guide

    I'll let the Mods decide whether to close and/or sticky this thread.

    The information below was collected when I was getting lots of insurance quotes, from my own personal experience, what other forum members have said, and what friends/family have said.

    I hope this information will help you, and if you feel there is anything you can add, or an insurer that should be added, feel free.
    For your info, I'm early/mid 20's, Male, with 4 years NCB.


    > Generally one of the cheapest
    > Accepts modifications
    > Adding female drivers, parents or grandparents can significantly reduce insurance quote.
    > Part of same parent comapny as Bell and Elephant - so quotes with these will only vary slightly
    > General opinion is a decent insurer who's reasonable to deal with when dealing with a claim
    > High Excess for drivers under 25.

    Adrian Flux

    > Very good for highly modified cars
    > Good and usually cheap for young drivers
    > Reasonable prices
    > Worth noting that quotes online are for TPFT and not comprehensive, and that online quotes generally go up a bit once you call them to buy.
    > Well respected and good reputation among this forum and owners of highly modified cars.


    > Reasonably cheap
    > Don't accept modifications if driver under 25 (they may make an exception but quote will significantly increase)
    > Good extras for decent prices (Breakdown Cover, Injury Cover, Hire Car etc)
    > Not always helpful or polite over the phone
    > Charge of 21 applies if you change address !
    > Managers/Supervisors generally unhelpful and rude from personal experience.
    > High Excess for drivers under 25.


    > Very similar to Churchill in all aspects
    > From personal experience, was wrongly quoted on insurance purchased, then once accepted they claimed the premium was higher.


    > Very cheap
    > Be careful when getting quotes online, as sneakily down the right-hand side they assume you've had your license for 5 years and assume other things that may not be true.
    > For reason above, best for drivers who have had license for 5 years +
    > I've generally heard that they're not the best to deal with when dealing with a claim.

    Aviva/Norwich Union

    > Reasonably cheap
    > Cheap for young drivers
    > Accept modifications
    > Adding female drivers, parents or grandparents significantly reduces quote
    > Low Excess
    > 75 Cashback can be earnt via Quidco - Aviva Car Insurance Voucher Codes, Cashback & Discount Codes | Quidco
    > General vibe is that they're very good and efficient when dealing with claims.


    > Good for highly modified cars
    > Do not insure BMW E36's

    Performance Direct

    > Good for highly modified cars
    > Reportedly reasonably priced
    > Can be expensive for young drivers with modications in comparison to others.


    > Don't like young drivers with BMW's, unless parents are included on the policy.
    > No option online to add modifications.
    > If none of the above apply, cheap quotes along the lines of Churchill/Directline.


    > Can be expensive for young drivers
    > 55 Cashback can be earnt via Quidco -

    Sky Insurance

    > Good for modified/highly modified cars
    > Similar to Adrian Flux
    > Offer lower excess

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