So I came off the M25 at about 5.20pm onto the M11 north and there was the usual scramble of cars trying to head forward some way or another and I spied this 7 series in the 'fast lane' if you like. The traffic was sporadic with the resident middle lane drivers messing the whole system up. I got stuck in the middle lane but we were moving and I came up to pass this Bm. As I did, everyone's worst nightmare happened. Some fucker wasn't watching in this fast lane and hit the anchors, as did the car behind, but harder and in my mirror I saw the tyre smoke surrounding the headlamps of the awkwardly placed 7 series with another car skidding to a halt behind. I sure hope you made it out ok dude. And all you other loons, get out the middle of the motorway and stop driving too close and too fast. You'll regret it.