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    1. Wrenny1969's Avatar
      Wrenny1969 -
      Great to hear you've bonded. Enjoyed the review keep them coming.
    1. Ferret's Avatar
      Ferret -
      Not a fan of the 1 series myself, but the color combo with the wheels really does make it a lovely looking car.

      Nice review, thank-you
    1. Superman001's Avatar
      Superman001 -
      Good review, love the colour!
    1. 4wheeldriver's Avatar
      4wheeldriver -
    1. simonsays's Avatar
      simonsays -
      Quote Originally Posted by Superman001 View Post
      Good review, love the colour!
      have to say it looks even better in the flesh mate
    1. Stal1878's Avatar
      Stal1878 -
      They don't let me into Westerly, put customers off apparently
    1. FrozenEntity's Avatar
      FrozenEntity -
      Love the review Moar Although I wish you could've written more on the handling, since that's my only concern, as hot-hatches seem to have the understeer almost built into them. I drove the 120i and it was a great ride, but I could feel the front slip quite some. Wander if they did anything to fix the issue in the new 1 series.
    1. Viper VP's Avatar
      Viper VP -
      Belter of a car this, and yours looks fantastic in that colour mate!

      I'd have one in a heartbeat, and like many others I can't believe the level of performance-per-pound BMW offered these at. It has to be the bargain of the year.

      Did you see Performance BMW's thorough test of this car in the May issue? They recorded 341 bhp from it, which is substantially up on what BMW say it has.

      Glad you're enjoying it
    1. 4wheeldriver's Avatar
      4wheeldriver -
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