BMW - 1 in 100 Draw - Support the forum.
  • 1 in 100 Draw - Support the forum.

    So I bet a few of you are wondering what this 1 in 100 Draw stuff is all about???

    Well it is quite simple really. The idea is that a prize is offered and 100 tickets are sold. There is only one winner so hence 1 in 100.

    Now we all know what a sterling effort the moderating team and associated personnel here do at running this forum, but unfortunately as we all know running forums comes at a cost. So by running prize draws we can raise money towards the hosting fees etc and at the same time get the opportunity to get our hands on some top quality merchandise.
    It works like this; a forum vendor (or associated company) supplies a prize to us at cost. The shipping costs are added and then a price for the tickets is calculated to allow for some profit (PayPal fees also have to be deducted).

    So let’s say Vendor A supplies a prize at cost for £40, shipping is £5 so to be realistic the tickets would be £1 each. After all the tickets are sold and Vendor A and shipping is paid the forum makes £55 less PayPal fees (this is just an example)

    Now depending on the success and popularity of the draws bigger and better prizes can be offered, but obviously the more expensive the prize the more expensive the tickets as there is only 100 of them. So a brand new BMW M4 is probably out of the question at the moment.

    We intend to start a trial draw with a brand-new diagnostic interface with INPA software customised for the winner, including installation and one-to-one technical-support (courtesy of FAL), with tickets priced at £2 each. This will allow us to see how it works out on the forum and also allow you guys to get to grips with it.

    A copy of the rules can be found here

    So are you guys up for this then? If it works we could see the likes of performance air filters or even remaps up for prizes

    More Information Here:

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    1. Bent Propeller's Avatar
      Bent Propeller -
      Fantastic, I am in favour and support of this.

    1. Chris-Vspec's Avatar
      Chris-Vspec -
      Yep me too
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