good evening, I'm new to this forum and am looking for an answer for my 2008 335xi coupe....a month ago my radio would slowly fade out and stop working until I restarted the car, at which point it would work fine. it did it 4 or 5 times in a week and so Idid a soft reset with the 2 eject buttons and volume button on the radio . that worked fine for the last month but yesterday it gave me the fault ; sos call system its there every time I start my car and now my radio and idrive controls and steering wheel controls aren't working at all. I took it to my shop and he found a couple of faults today , which are : a1a3 control unit fault, and a46d cid malfunction due to periphery, ive read it could be the amp or the t.c.u. in the trunk so I pulled out the trunk liners and didn't see any water damage on the amp or on the t.c.u... I removed the t.c.u. and pulled off each connection to check them and found no corrosion what so ever ..everything seems clean and dry...please help if anyone has had this code or problem. much appreciated. thank you