I am hoping that this site can be helpful and give me the definitive answer that I need. I am in desperate need of a solution before I opt to go to BMW.

i have an 09 Mini COOPER CC 1.6 Petrol R57 09 Plate. It does not start but will start with a hot wire to battery. Anyway I have finally diagnosed that the CAS Module is faulty, well the starter relay part of it as it seems to do everything it should except start. When pushing the start button it does not even crank , you can hear fuel pump etc but no start. Got to my CAS module and can see that one of the circuit chips is burnt. Anyway replaced the cas wth unit and key from another model (same year) and it began to crank but wouldn't start, obviously not linked to the DME. Replaced car with a CAS and DME from another vehicle and it started. My problem is that the guy with AUTOLogic equipment tried to reprogram to link the new units with my data but it wouldn't allow it, the anti tamper button was on, no service info and mileage from replacement units is showing. Is buying a second hand CAS possible if it can be programmed to my vehicle or do I have to buy a CAS from the dealer and are they the only ones who can programme it? Also could it be an option to put a starter relay button in or is this not possible with these vehicles? I would much prefer to install a used CAS than have to purchase a new one , but I will do what I need to to get this started.
I hope i have provided enough detail and someone can help me as I would really appreciate it.
Thank you in advance for any info gratefully received.