The Problem: PDC keeps stopping and starting, its ok for a couple of days then I get the flashing indicator and beep. What I do not want to do is strip both front and rear bumpers to find the bad connection.
Now I have been give a blue plastic plug that fits in the OBC port under the dash, it has flat pins and it fits. Its a sealed unit, so no cable coming out of it and is obviously Bluetooth. So what program do I need to interface this with?
i have a couple of laptops running Win 10 and Win 7 so would appreciate any advice. Am getting a bit long in the tooth now, wont see 70 again so hence do not want to be getting underneath. !!

The car was built in 2003 but not registered till 2004, it was used as a Fleet car in London and consequently has done approx 79k so far. The engine is as sweet as a nut and apart from silly things like door straps and temperature sensor it is in remarkable good condition and boy does she move when she has to. It is without doubt the best car I have ever owned and that includes a lot of company cars too.

Kind Regards Cliff