The Wheel Alignment Centre in Southampton - Highly recommended
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    The Wheel Alignment Centre in Southampton - Highly recommended

    Hi all,

    As you know I had my car 4 wheel aligned a few weeks ago, having done a bit of research around local garages to see who had a proper 4 wheel alignment system with the likes of a Hunter Hawkeye, John Bean or the top of the range Supertracker system it proved very limited in my area.

    Merityre who are about 2 miles from me have a John Bean system which is highly rated but they didn't seem to have a dedicated operator for it so it didn't fill me with massive confidence.

    The other place was Micheldever Tyres (part of Protyre Group) who have got 3 dedicated alignment systems (2x John Bean and 1x Hunter Hawkeye), but having a niggling feeling all 4 adjustment points would need doing I knew it was going to cost a bit if I went to them so I decided not to.

    Looking online and based on a recommendation from someone over at another forum who has had several E46's and now a E92 M3 he recommended I go and see Nick at The Wheel Alignment Centre on the basis that he can get it setup right as he has been doing it for 15 years+ and it is the only thing he does.

    So I booked my self in and had the car 4 wheel aligned to a Fast Road setup today.

    He used to work for Supertracker but now runs his own operation, he only does Alignment and wheel balancing so he is very much a specialist in this, looking at his variety of photo's it looks like a lot of people trust his work, cars ranging from M3's to Lambo's, Aston Martin's.

    It is a good job I had it checked as my rear toe was quite off, front toe wasn't too bad which I was pleased to see given its been 18 months since I had it checked so I guess I've done a good job avoiding pot holes.

    Front toe and camber got adjusted along with the rear camber and toe, the rears now sit perfectly in line which Nick says will help putting the power down in the car.

    The car drives a fair bit nicer now with the steering feeling lighter and so far I've found the rear end to be more stable and it seems to put its power down more effectively.

    I'll be popping back in a couple of weeks as Nick asked me to after I've put new tyres on and the springs might have settled a bit more.

    He is a nice guy too, so for any one down the Hampshire area and are not too far from Southampton I'd recommend using him

    Below are the results for anyone that is interested

    Oh and a in action shot for anyone that cares

    Update 10/10/13

    I popped back yesterday for a recheck and the left rear needed tweaking after the tyre change and springs settling a bit more, Nick adjusted the rear back to where it needs to be and it is back to how it should be.

    All in all very pleased with how the car drives now and Nick is a pleasant guy to deal with too

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    Nice one

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