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    dis impa software

    Since changing the car battery . I have been plagued with active steering fault on my car, Its very intermittent, it can go for a few days without popping up , or just a few trips.
    Once the car has stopped and restarted its fine.
    I have tried the re-cal, left lock right lock. etc.
    But rather than taking it to a dealer I thought I would invest in a INPA/ DIS reader as I thought it may help me with future problems.
    I don't know if its just the reader that I have , but the software is rather NAFF , but I have been persevering.
    I can get the INPA to work and have attached some photos of the active steering reading ( not showing faults)
    I wanted to reset the battery, in the hope that it will sort out the active steering and I think I should be able if I enter the DIS ( Diagnosis mode) but the software keeps reporting back communication with head unit impaired , error code 200.166 ( also 200.159)
    Any body have any ideas of what am doing wrong ?
    I have tried running the program , with engine off, engine in pos 2 , engine running and the above with doors open / closed etc.. just seems to be no easy way of running the software.
    Assuming that the reader is working ( INPA results) , can I down load any software that may help me try and sort out the active steering fault.
    Apart from that, the cars a dream to drive.
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