Servicing your E46 320td or 320d
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    Servicing your E46 320td or 320d


    I serviced my car the other week and thought i would put a post on here on how to change the oil, air, oil, fuel & pollen filters.

    I bought my parts from Partco/Unipart as its around the corner from me and GSF was slightly more expensive. It is totally down to yourself where you buy your parts from, mine cost me under 100 for the above bits, 6 litres of long-life oil, motor and diesel injestion flush. The oil alone from BMW was just under 60 so its down to you what you do. In my eyes, they are all as good as each other and do the same job.

    *****I have performed the service myself and i am comfortable with my ability to do so and i can not be held responsible if you damage your vehicle in an event to follow my guide.*****

    OK, less of the seriousness, lets get down to the service. Here are the parts:

    there is only 4 litres of oil in the picture ( i purchased 2 more after i spoke to BMW parts).

    1. Daining the oil: I used some motor flush to help drain the oil, which is not necessary but down to personal preference. It also helps to have the oil warm as it will drain faster. Take the oil cap off and place some where safe. Underneath the car you will see a same flap with one screw holding it in place. Turn the screw and the flap should open:

    You will then see the bolt for the oil pan. From what i can remember, it is a 13mm head. Put abit of presure and unscrew anti-clockwise, once loose, use your fingers to unscrew bbut keep pressusre on so that no oil can come out and have a bucket ready to catch the oil. When you can feel the bolt is completely unscrewed and you have your bucket ready and pull the plug away and watch as the oil drains:

    Once the oil has drained you will need to take the oil filter out but do not put the oil pan plug/bolt back in yet.

    2. Changing the oil filter: On the top right of the engine you will be able to see the oil filter cap next the the dip stick (you may need to take the engine cover off to get to it, see step 4):

    You will need a 36mm socket to unscrew the oil filter cap off:

    Be careful while using a little pressure as it is only plastic. Once unscrewed, pull it out slowly whilst you let the oil drain off the old filter. When it has drained, pull it out and put something under it so you dont get oil all over the place. It should look like this:

    Pull the old filter off an take the rubber seal off that is on the cap. Put the new seal on and push the new filter on making sure it is on properly:

    Screw the cap with the new filter back in to the engine and screw the oil pan plug/bolt back in tightly but not too tight and pour the 5.5 litres of oil in.

    That is your oil and filter change.

    3. Fuel Filter: On the passenger side of the floor pan of the car (mine is a Compact, should be the same on the Coupe, Saloon and Estate) you will see a long metal cover:

    There are 6 10 or 11mm bolts holding the panel in place. Start to unscrew the bolts nearest to the rear of the car and work your way forward and try to keep the panel held up as may drop and bend. As you come to taking the panel off, be careful as the side nearest to the side sill will have 3 washers in-between the panel and floor pan. When you have done that, it should look like this:

    Using a 7 or 8mm socket, unscrew the jubilee clips at either side of the filter until they are completely loose. Use a small flathead screwdriver and lightly prise the pipe away from on side of the filter. Again, have something to catch the excess as there will be abit. When you have got the pipe off, plug the new filter in, making sure you have plugged the right side in and facing the right way up. Do the same to the other side and and plug the other side of the new filter in. Put the jubilee clips back in place and tighten carefully. And it should look like this:

    Now place the panel back in place making sure you have placed the end lip back into the engine panel protector. Screw the bolts back in with the 3 washers on the side closest to the side sill.

    4. Air filter: I found this to be the hardest of the lot, simple to get out but niggly to get back in. OK, have a cup of tea by your side and warn people around you as you will have a mild cause of potty mouth.

    You will need to take the pollen filter out first, which is located infront of the windscreen:

    There are three clips, one on each side and one on the front, turn them and they should pop up and they have springs supporting them. Lift the panel up:

    You will need to take the panel out, so be careful and pull from one side and it will come out. Once out, take the old filter out:

    where the filter was, you will see 4 T30 (Torx30) screws holding another panel in place:

    Unscrew the screws, they should stay within the panel once they have been unscrewed. Dont pull the panel out yet as you will need to un-clip the pipes running across the front of the panel. Put you finger under the cilp and put abit of leverage and pull away from the panel slightly and it should uncilp:

    Once you have done that, you can now take the panel out. Lift the panel first and pull from one side:

    You no need to take the engine cover off. There are 5 bolts holding the cover on. 2 at the front, 2 at the back and one on the right side near the coolant cap.:

    Push the rubber gromet off and you will now be able to take the cover off. On the left side of the engine you will see the inlet pipe and the air filter cover. The inlet pipe is held on by one bolt and the air filter cover is held by 4 bolts:

    In the picture, you can see i have undone the pipe bolt and you can see first 3 air filter cover bolts. Unscrew them all and get ready to unscrew to last one which is around the rear of the cover:

    Once you have got it unscrewed, you will be able to lift the cover off and slide it under the pipes running across the engine:

    Pull the filter out, pulling from the end closest to the windscreen.

    Put the new filter in, doing the reversal of the removal and make sure the dimple at the end closest to the winscreen is facing downwards. Make sure you have pushed the filter on properly and it is in a snug fit:

    Pull the cover back over and clip back in place. It took me a while to get the panel right as there is a clip on the under side of the panel which has to clip in before you can screw it back into place. Once you have done that, reverse the instructions to get the car back as it was.

    That is how i serviced my car and i hope you found it helpful. If anyone can add advice and help, please do.



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    Hopefully this gets to you Lloyd, as currently I haven't posted yet, so can't PM you.

    I was looking at your great guide to servicing the 320d the other day, with some great pictures.

    I have everything now and was going to have a play this weekend and service the beast.

    But unfortunately the pictures have gone from your forum. Is there a chance you should send me the guide in word please?

    All your help would be ace.

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    Right click the images and select open image in new tab/window and they will appear. Photobucket disables hotlinking when bandwidth is exceeded but they are still there to view on the site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caz_manc View Post
    But unfortunately the pictures have gone from your forum.
    seems you can access them by following cforehead's instructions (thanks Chris )

    Quote Originally Posted by cforehead View Post
    Right click the images and select open image in new tab/window and they will appear. Photobucket disables hotlinking when bandwidth is exceeded but they are still there to view on the site.

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