Servicing your E46 330d M57
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    Servicing your E46 330d M57


    I serviced my car the other week and thought i would put a post on here on how to change the oil, air, oil, fuel & pollen filters.

    I bought my parts from Euro Car Parts as its around the corner from me and GSF was slightly more expensive. It is totally down to yourself where you buy your parts from, mine cost me under 100 for the above bits and 7 litres of long-life oil. The oil alone from BMW was just under 60 so its down to you what you do. In my eyes, they are all as good as each other and do the same job.

    *****I have performed the service myself and i am comfortable with my ability to do so and i can not be held responsible if you damage your vehicle in an event to follow my guide.*****

    Take the oil cap off and place some where safe.

    Underneath the car you will see a same flap with one screw holding it in place. Turn the screw and the flap should open:

    You will then see the bolt for the oil pan. From what i can remember, it is a 13mm head. Put abit of presure and unscrew anti-clockwise, once loose, use your fingers to unscrew but keep pressusre on so that no oil can come out and have a bucket ready to catch the oil. When you can feel the bolt is completely unscrewed and you have your bucket ready and pull the plug away and watch as the oil drains:

    Once the oil has drained you will need to take the oil filter out but do not put the oil pan plug/bolt back in yet. We will change the oil filter later on in the service.

    We will now need to remove all the engine cover to get access to the air and oil filter. I found the air filter to be the hardest of the lot, simple to get out but niggly to get back in. Take your time, have a cup of tea by your side and warn people around you as you will have a mild cause of potty mouth.

    At the front of the engine you will see an air duct,

    The front part is held down by 2 plastic rivet pins, with some pliers or removal tool, pull them out:

    Now take out the holding clips:

    There is a 5mm hex bolt in the middle that needs to be unscrewed:

    Once unscrewed, pull the duct away from the engine:

    The duct should be free and the engine should be like this:

    Disconnect the battery connector which is on the left hand side on the right wheel housing:

    It will be a 16mm hex nut for the bigger cable and 10mm hex nut for the smaller cable:

    Pull the wires out and make sure they are free and not touching metal as it is still connected to the battery

    The wires are clipped the wheel housing which need to be unclip the first:

    Then on the pollen filter housing there will be 2 more for a pipe:

    Get a small flat head screw driver and prise it to one side and it should come loose:

    Once you have unclipped them, pull the pipe out of the clips:

    You will now need to pull the wires off the housing which are held on by another 2 clips:

    Pull them upwards and they will come loose:

    Take the wires and lean them on the right hand side of the engine.

    You will need to take the pollen filter out (can be replaced when you rebuild the car), which is located infront of the windscreen:

    There are three clips, one on each side and one on the front,

    turn them and they should pop up and they have springs supporting them.

    Lift the panel up:

    You will need to take the panel out, so be careful and pull from one side and it will come out. Once out, take the old filter out:

    where the filter was, you will see 4 T30 (Torx30) screws holding another panel in place:

    Unscrew the 4 screws which are Torx 30:

    Once you have done that, you can now take the panel out. Lift the panel first and pull from centre:

    We now need to remove the middle cover, which is held down by 4 5mm bolts, 3 are visible and 1 is on the side where the air duct pipe was:

    Once taken out, lift the cover from the left side and take the cover off carefully:

    Now for the air filter cover. there is a little cap that needs to be taken off, use a small flat head screwdriver to prise it out, but be carful as they are flimsy:

    There are 5 bolts holding the cover on, 2 at the front, 1 in the middle (which the cap was covering) and 2 at the back of the cover. The front and middle screws are visible and are easy to get to but be care with the 2 at the rear:

    The rachet is in the top rear olt and you can just make out the lower rear on the left. Be really careful as if you drop these, they're gone.

    Once you've taken the bolts out, lift the air filter cover off and take it out:

    Pull the filter out, pulling from the end closest to the windscreen.

    Put the new filter in, doing the reversal of the removal and make sure the dimple at the end closest to the winscreen is facing downwards.

    Make sure you have pushed the filter on properly and it is in a snug fit:

    Pull the cover back over and clip back in place. It took me a while to get the panel right as there is a clip on the under side of the panel which has to clip in before you can screw it back into place.

    Before you screw the cover back in place, make sure you have the cover on right, it is abit fiddly at first, but it will go back in.

    Changing the oil filter: On the top right of the engine you will be able to see the oil filter cap next the the dip stick:

    You will need a 36mm socket to unscrew the oil filter cap off:

    Be careful while using a little pressure as it is only plastic. Once unscrewed, pull it out slowly whilst you let the oil drain off the old filter. When it has drained, pull it out and put something under it so you dont get oil all over the place.

    Pull the old filter off, it will just slide off. There is a rubber seals which needs to be replaced.

    Put the new filter on:

    Now you can fit it back on to the car.

    Last but not least, the fuel filter which is located on the right hand side of the engine:

    There is sensor which is held on by a (i think) Torx 40 bolt which needs to be undone:

    Take the sensor off:

    There are 2 jubulee clips holding the fuel pipes in place, loosen them and push them back:

    Now pull the pipes off, they might need some persuation:

    Take the jubilee clips off as i didnt they fell into the abyss, i luckily had some new ones lying around.

    Behind the fuel filter, there is another Torx bolt which needs to be undone:

    Take the filter out

    Replace with the new one and fit everything back and secure in place.

    Now that the oil is mostly drained, screw the plug back in and secure the flap.

    You will now need to top up with 6.5ltrs of oil:

    Check the level and make sure you dont over fill the oil.

    Once you have done that, reverse the instructions to get the car back as it was.

    That is how i serviced my car and i hope you found it helpful. If anyone can add advice and help, please do.



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