BBS RC refurb guide
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    BBS RC refurb guide

    Weeell I'd thought I'd do a guide on refurbing BBS alloys. I'm now in the process of sorting my second set out (I must be mad..). These wheels cost a small fortune to get done by the experts. I reckon I can do these ones on a budget of under £100.

    The bits I use for stripping and polishing the lips are as follows:

    Wet & dry paper. I used from 400grit then 600/800/1000/1200 then finally 1500. I've spent about £12 on these from ebay. 5 X KLINGSPOR WET AND DRY PAPER GRITS 400 - 2000 | eBay

    Nitromors paint stripper. £4 something from your local B&Q or ebay. BRAND NEW NITROMORS PAINT & VARNISH REMOVER 250ML | eBay

    Hook & loop sanding discs 1200 grit Velcro Hook & Loop Discs, 50pcs, 180mm, 1200 Grit | eBay
    I used a Silverline backing pad for my drill for these which was a couple of quid but can't find it on the bay now..

    One final polishing mop..eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace

    Autosul metal polish. £4.95.

    That's about it I think..except for lots of effort.

    Right you should start with one of these..

    So the first thing to do is get the nuts off the back and split the wheels. All you need is a 10mm 12 pointed socket/extension bar/ratchet or breaker bar. I've seen some people selling "bbs sockets" for £45 on some forums, you can get the 12 point sockets for a few quid..

    Simply undo the nuts on the back (no need to hold the fronts as they are splined so won't turn). Once you've done this it's time to get the centers out. They won't come out easily because these wheels are quite old now and they'll be corroded to the lips. Some brute force is required!
    My weapon of choice..

    ... a cut off railway sleeper! Fence posts or any heavy lump of wood can be used. Put an old towel over the center then whacked it with the sleeper, don't be afraid, hit it HARD!! None of my wheels took more than five hits to get the centers out... You will then be left with this

    Next thing is to get the bolts out of the rim. The first set of wheels I bought were already split and all the bolts were fooked because whoever split them just hit the bolts out with a hammer and buggered the threads and bent the bolts

    On this set I simply put the nuts back on the threads until they were just screwed on. Then used the socket and extension on the ends and gave them a swift couple of hits with my trusty hammer pushing the splined part of the bolts out as in these pictures..

    Nuts back on

    Socket/bar/hammer to hit them out

    and voila!

    Now push the bolt back in by hand so the splines hold it still and romove the nuts once more..

    You will then be left with this..

    On to sorting the lips!

    Get your Nitromors and a brush (and gloves and eye protection is recommended, it's evil stuff! ). Brush around the lip with a coat of it. I found that leaving it for about four minutes works best, you'll be able to see the lacquer bubbling and hear it hissing
    After four minutes I used a sponge and some soapy water the remove the lacquer.



    Now to get the pitting out from where the lacquer went through and water got underneath, causing the corrosion. I used the hook & loop discs to save time, it won't leave any deep scratches either as it's 1200..

    Once the pitting is out, it's a case of rubbing the lips down. Starting from 400grit and working your way up to 1500grit (more if you like). Don't rush it though! It'll end up lookin shit and you'll have to start over (I speak from experience!) . I use the paper wet as it goes further and doesn't get bunged up with shite. Basically you need to get the machining marks out with the corse paper and work your way up to get rid of scratches from said paper until the finish is smooth.

    Once you have achieved the desired smoooooothness it's time to crack out the Autosul and the mop. I used a complete polishing kit on the first set with different compounds and found it rubbish! IMO it's better to take more time getting the lips spot on with the w&d then smearing the Autosul thinly over them. Use the mop in your drill to bring them up to a super shiny finish. (WARNING! Do NOT do this in your kitchen if you are married and she's at work, it's messy especially if she comes home early..)

    I've finished two lips so far, it's just getting the time to sort the others.

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