Rear balljoint/rosebush fitting guide
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    Rear balljoint/rosebush fitting guide

    Changed mine a couple of days ago and thought I'd do a little guide to help anyone who needs to replace theirs.

    The tools I used were:

    12mm threaded bar 13 inches long, a few washers and 2 nuts.
    32mm socket.
    A socket that the new balljoint will fit into (don't know what size, I found one at work, rusty as!)
    lump hammer.
    18mm sockets or spanners.
    15mm socket or spanner.
    6mm allen key.

    Big hammers!!

    First chock the front wheels so your car doesn't roll away!
    Jack the car and remove wheel.
    Undo the rear caliper, remove and cable tie it out of the way. Undo the small allen key and remove the disc. I done this because it gave me more room to work (it's probably possible to do without removing these, but it only takes a couple of minutes). I bent the disc guard forward to give a little more access also.
    Undo the bolt at the bottom of the shock.
    Release handbrake and make sure the car is in neutral, push down on the rear arm and remove the spring.
    Undo the 18mm bolt that passes through the balljoint and remove.
    Now you need to get the old one out..

    It may be possible to push it out using the threaded bar and sockets as in picture below. Mine wouldn't budge however. I used the 32mm socket and a lump hammer and some brute force to get the old one out (took about ten minutes of abuse before it moved).

    Once out, give the hole a quick clean before getting the new joint in.
    Push it using the bar and sockets as in this picture..

    Without to much hassle, it should push it in..

    Now just put it all back together!

    My joint went in a little too easily imo, I used some Loctite bearing retainer to make sure it stays where it's supposed to.

    Hope this helps someone.

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