M57/47TU and T2 turbo shaft wiggle test
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    M57/47TU and T2 turbo shaft wiggle test

    How to do the turbo shaft “wiggle test”

    The snorkel that goes from the MAF sensor to the turbo is on the left of the engine connector to the MAF sensor with a pair of 5mm Allen screws (E10 torx on the M57T2) one you can see and one underneath next to the vacuum pump

    Undo the two screws and literally pull the whole assembly off (you need to pull the turbo actuator cable off the clips as you go)

    This is the snorkel off, note the push fit on to the turbo and the crankcase breather

    This the MAF sensor middle part by the way so you can see where the second screw screws in

    This is not the best picture but now you can see the turbo inlet side, note the oil, it is sadly perfectly normal

    And again here seen under the MAF sensor

    Now pinch the shaft in the middle of that hole and firstly try and wiggle in and out, it should not move at all, then wiggle from side to side, you should only be able to feel up to 2-3mm play (there should be play, it is a journal bearing) finally give it a spin and make sure it turns freely

    To put the snorkel back on, push the whole assembly back in through the gap and then make sure both the big grommet on the end is pushed over the end of the turbo inlet AND the engine breather hose is pushed back on the crankcase pipe in the rocker cover. One it is all fitted tightly, do up the two screws again
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