Wheel & Caliper Cosmetics
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    Wheel & Caliper Cosmetics

    Whatever age the BMW, undoubtedly your wheel hubs will be rusted and your calipers unsightly.

    Here is a guide on how I refurbish mine.

    Took some photos to assist anybody that wants to do the same. I did the following;

    1. Cleaned all the paint off the hubs using an abrasive wire brush attachment in my power drill, and for the hard to reach areas, a Dremel type tool with a similar attachment. I then thoroughly degreased the area.

    2. I masked the bits of caliper I did not want to paint, however, I did not mask the disc, instead scraping the paint off afterwards with a sharp wood chisel. This was sheer laziness on my part. However, make sure you clean this off to prevent the pad becoming contaminated.

    3. I then sprayed 2 coats of heat resistant primer on all parts, followed by 2 coats of silver high temperature paint. The paint I use is domestic oven paint, available at all DIY stores and hardware shops. Satin silver gives the original OEM finish.

    4. I sprayed the heads of the wheel-bolts while they were out. This was done by threading the bolts through a piece of cardboard, leaving just the heads exposed and protecting the threads from overspray.

    5. I took the opportunity to thoroughly clean the inside of the wheels while they were off and waxed them too.

    6. I then removed all the masking, re-attached the wheel and hey-presto.

    7. Whole process took about 4 hours, well worth it. This is the second time I have done them, they seem to last about 18 months before needing to be re-done.

    Pictures are in order, before, process, and result....

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