E36 & E39 Retrofit CCFL Angel Eyes DIY Install Guide
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    E36 & E39 Retrofit CCFL Angel Eyes DIY Install Guide

    When I carried out my install about 3 years ago, it took between 2-3 hours. It might take less or more time depending on your skills and if you have any help from anyone or not.
    In my opinion CCFL angel eyes are the best non-OEM angel eyes you can get, maybe even better than LED. Retrofitting to OEM headlights looks considerably better as well in my opinion rather than replacing the headlight units with aftermarket ones.
    These are bright during the day, but look great at dusk when it's not quite dark enough for headlights, they give the car a mean, front-end look.

    I'm used the manual that came with my kit, some kits vary and therefore the install might be a bit different, but this guide should help you either way as I think most CCFL kits install in roughly the same way. I take no responsibility for any damage though

    If you want the PDF where I got this information from, click here http://www.jbccomputers.co.uk/bmw/BM...elEyes-DIY.pdf

    First, you need to remove your headlight units from your car, consult your BMW manual for this, or have a look here

    After doing this, you need to remove the lense cover from your headlight unit.

    Use a flat blade screwdrive and remove the 4 metal clips on the top and also the two smaller clips, one on top and one on bottom. Then you'll have this

    Carefully place the CCFL rings inside the lenses, they will need to be very lightly pressed and maybe slightly bent, but be very careful as they're made of glass.

    Then place masking tape in a few places to hold the rings in place. Follow this by putting silicon adhesive in the places shown below, then leave to dry for 45 minutes.

    While the CCFL Angel Eye rings are setting into place, you can get on with the wiring. Remove the back covers on the headlight unit. Soldering in an option for connecting the new power invertor pack, or you can use bullet connectors. Basically anything that will hold 2 or 3 copper wires together securely.

    Join the RED wire (positive) from the power pack to the GREY wire (positive) from the headlamp side light circuit.

    Join the BROWN wire (earth) from the power pack to the BROWN wire (earth) from the headlamp side light circuit. Check that all connections are secure.

    Next part is carefully putting the lens cover back onto the headlight unit.

    You need to bring the wiring through the top of the headlight units so the wires come out of the back.

    Now after double-checking the connections are all secure, you can slot the power packs inside the headlight unit.

    Then put all the covers back on.

    Re-assemble the headlights and indicators onto your car carefully, and you are done!

    Thanks to the 'Eclipse' manual for some of the photos.
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