BMW User titles.
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    BMW User titles.

    We have amended and added to the user titles that were currently in use on BFI, the old existing ones wouldn't have lasted long so the new list should see us through for many years to come and can be added to, amended or deleted when needs must.

    The current list reads like this.

    BFI Noob. 0 > 30 POSTS
    BFI Apprentice. 30 > 75
    BFI Member 75 > 200
    BFI Senior 200 > 500
    BFI Stalwart 500 > 1000
    BFI Hero 1000 > 2000
    BFI Veteran 2000 >3000
    BFI Supreme 3000 > 4000
    BFI God 4000 > 5000
    BFI God you need to get out more 5000 > upwards

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