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  2. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    Price please

    Message replied to!
  3. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    Price Please

    Hi Kyle, 33211229376 - £41.04 Ref Number - 56120 Kind Regards, David
  4. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    E46 m3

    Hi Sam, I am just back from holiday and as I am the only one with access no one was available at the time. 33108321899 is the 4:1 gear ratio, price is £826.88 Ref Number - 56118 Kind Regards, David
  5. Harry Fairbairn BMW


    Hi There, 34436863277 - £498.76 Ref Number - 56117 Kind Regards, David
  6. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    Price please

    Hi There, 18111723379 x 2 - £21.78 18101405737 x 2. - £21.78 Added to same ref! Kind Regards, David
  7. Yesterday
  8. Dawg

    Price please

    Hi there, Can I please get a price for the following: 2x 64119358940 Thanks
  9. CrazyBaptie

    Price Please

    Hi, Can I have a Price for 33211229376. For 2003 BMW Z4 (K31 BAP). Thanks, Kyle
  10. Last week
  11. Melissa Gay

    On board computer

    Hi On the 27th June I purchased a Series 2 M sport 220D. The OBC is now failing to work, have gone through the process of following the instructions via the manual and still no joy. Any advise would be greatly appreciated? Thanks.
  12. Darcy1

    E46 m3

    Hi guys any news on this?
  13. Hi can I'm have price for Control unit EMF -PARKING BRAKE ECU MODULE 34436863277 C767991 ku61pnz Thanks
  14. Robbidge

    Price please

    Hi there, sorry could I add 18111723379 x 2 18101405737 x 2. thanks.
  15. JohnG

    Reset reversing mirror

    Hi All, please can you tell me if there is a way to recalibrate the passenger mirror. At the moment it angles down but not far enough to see the wheel. I have a 640d 2015. thanks.
  16. Darcy1

    E46 m3

    This part is listed by BMW as BMW part number 33108321899 (33 10 8 321 899) and is described as 4.10 Ring & Pinion Set. and my ref is DU54YZT thanks sam
  17. Darcy1

    E46 m3

    Good afternoon Sam, It's good to be back. 🙂 The following includes vat, forum members discount and Free delivery. 4.1 Gear Set: £743.76  Reference Number: 34109 Kind Regards David  01592 657842 i was quoted this before? Just making sure it’s still the same. Thanks sam
  18. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    E46 m3

    Hi There, Not sure on the part number for this one. Can you provide the registration this is for? Or even the part number of the part? Kind Regards, Elliot.
  19. Darcy1

    E46 m3

    Hi how much is the 4.1 gear set for e46 m3 thanks sam
  20. Bmw318d

    Fault code

    Hello. I have a 2009 318 d with two fault codes 4501 and 4801. Car is ok, no limp mode. I can delete codes, but they come back after a short run. Someone know what it could be?
  21. Ayanda Rwexwana


    Hi, My E46 does not switch the lights off on the instrument cluster,If I switch the engine off,its stays on from the cluster.I did a service and never reset the service timer.Now everything jammed even the keys are not working for central locking,please assist
  22. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    BMW Wheel Nuts and Locking Nuts

    Hi Stu, Prices as follows and include discount & VAT: Locking Nut Set - £42.82 16 Wheel Bolts - £61.44 I don't have these in stock at the moment and I won't be able to get them until tomorrow. Soonest you'll see them is Saturday if you paid for a Saturday service which is £10.00. Reference Number - 55927 Kind Regards, Elliot.
  23. Hi, Can I have a price please for a set of locking wheel nuts for an 04 E60 please. Also a price for 16 wheel nuts too please. Ideally need these by tomorrow if that is possible if you can post today? VIN Number - B332980 Cheers Stu
  24. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    Quote please

    Hi There, 51478239959 - £20.77 61612458348 - £21.60 51328194721 - £14.57 12 of 31106772199- £25.02 for all 12 3 of 33306760652 - £4.57 for all 3 Ref Number - 55830 Kind Regards, David
  25. Wadharry

    Quote please

    Hi please can I have prices for the below delivered to GU14 0QW, E46 M3 coupe chassis JR09316 Thanks 51478239959Cover Strip Entrance Interior Left 61612458348 Wiper blades Evo Front Wiper Blade Set E46 3 Series (old part number 61610037027) 51328194721 lower rubber Gasket between door and entrance front right drivers side Reinforcement plate bolts I believe I need 12 of 31106772199 Hexagon screw with flange M10X35-10.9ZNS3 Rod (v brace) Stretch bolts I believe in need 3 of 33306760652 Hex Bolt with washer M10X35-Z1-10.9
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  27. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    Price please

    Hi There, 31332282508 - £28.62 Ref Number - 55702 Kind Regards, David
  28. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    Parts price please Z4M

    Hi Rob, Rear Discs - £209.52 Rear Pads - £43.80 Rear Sensor - £13.50 Jacking Point - £13.92 Same Reference! Kind Regards, David
  29. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    IBS & Battery

    Hi Stu, 1 - £224.03 2 - £179.99 Ref Number - 55693 Kind Regards, David
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