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    Evening all. I may use this thread to store pics and photos of my new 130i. Always regretted selling our old one so took the opportunity to pick up a new one last weekend. Spec isn't as strong as the old one but condition seems very good and... it still has that engine. 75k, full history. Recent hydro unit service/refurb. Haven't taken any decent pictures of it yet but set to work on the basics. Exhaust tips roughly polished, hubs (inner brake discs) painted up, and (the most fun modification I did to my last one), debadged 😂 First major job will be a thermostat and water pump replacement 👍 Annoyingly I have a damp headlight! I've chucked a bag of couscous (don't fucking laugh, it's as good as rice I'm told) Thanks for looking scumbags. And thanks to Ferret for the forum being back up. I hadn't logged on for ages then panicked when I realised it was down 😂
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    Good afternoon, These are £75.00 including vat. However, if you phone up on 01592 657842 we will see what we can do for you. We removed the text of our initial pricing, as other dealers were agitated with our competitiveness. Kind Regards Harry Fairbairn Kirkcaldy
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    First thing that's been annoying me is that someone's let the passenger side front door swing into a wall or similar. There's an exposed bit of trim on the door from which a triangle of material has snapped off. No sign of the triangle, of course. So, new trim is about £40 I think, but then I'd need to do all 4 because the others are a bit worn/weathered and it'd look odd. Not a lot of appetite for that, and I like to fettle so, I got a length of piano black wrap, and some plastic weld. The problem: Let's try it: (at this point I'm thinking this is a bodge too far). Then I remove the backing card: Hmmmm, that's pretty good. I'm pretty happy with that 😀 Should get it refitted tomorrow night. Completely in love with that Plastic Padding stuff, it's awesome. Set fast in 30 minutes and sandable! Ludicrously easy to use. Oh, and some dick has taken it upon themself to paint the surround for the door lock pins in silver. Why? Just fucking why? Anyway, Poundland spray paint and Stella Artois spray booth to the rescue: More boring updates later this week 👍
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    Cheers mate 👍 Sold the last one and replaced it with an E91 with the same engine. We needed more space at the time but now have a proper (dull) family wagon for hauling stuff so took the chance to get another of these. Really great fun to drive. Will get some interior pictures in the light. I don't really 'mod' cars... OEM+ is more me and the '+' is pretty dull. It'll be clean, perhaps some pressed plates and surrounds. Would dearly love to put an lsd in it but I doubt it'll get the necessary sign off 😂. Oh, the upside of this one not having idrive is that I can replace the HU without losing any functionality so I may be tempted to that and some replacement speakers 👍 Yes Christopher! Couscous. You want some? My logic was smaller particle size than rice, similarly hygroscopic w/w, therefore faster acting. However, it's done fuck all to demist the headlight, so it's basically a discrete carrying location for small amounts of North African staple foods. I am disappoint.