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    Hi There, 17137542986 - £92.33 Ref Number - 46972 Kind Regards, David
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    Well unfortunately my little 330ci clubsport is up for sale its been a great car but my recent new family member meant ideally i fancied something a bit more sensible for now. So i went for a 320d e91 sports plus edition with the shadow pack, must be said i absolutely love the the modern interior is such a difference and the new style steering wheel and gear stick make the car a dream to drive. ive had the car since december now and already my work has started, my misses bought me wind deflectors (not everyones choice but i dont mind them) next up the rear brake pads were low and front brake discs had warped so it was time for a full set of brake discs and pads including a brake fluid change (a mini brake overhaul). The 181 bhp 2ltr diesel engine is very responsive and for the size of car it does'nt struggle which is a bonus, soon as the clubsport is sold i plan to remap the car to about 230 ideally i will see whats on offer at the time and who can help me when it comes to it, Now one criticism i have had since i bought the car is aw why didnt u buy the 335d. now i would have loved to have done that but it defeats the purpose of buying the 320d the whole point is its more practical to carry my tools and a good cheap to run family car, my plan is to run this car for about 1 year ideally before hopefully saving enough money to go and buy a e90 m3 saloon. my full service kit arrived today so will be servicing the car today or tomorrow will post some more pics up then i will post more information about the car in the next post. heres some pictures to have a look at and give you an idea