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  1. jai_raider

    price please

    Hi guys can I get a price on 11427508971 please car reg is J44 AYM thanks
  2. jai_raider

    Price please

    and my drivers door lock is not going down with the central locking only with the key. a price for the drivers door lock mechanism with the motor etc thanks
  3. jai_raider

    Price please

    Sorry and also a bleed plug for the bleed nipple in the oil cooler pipe
  4. jai_raider

    Price please

    Hi vehicle reg J44 AYM e91 320i 2007 Can i get a price for the following Oil cooler seals, rocker cover gasket, plug seals, vanos sensor seals, oil filter, coolant, coolant expansion tank & level sensor i already have prices for the following, are they still the same? 61627197857 - £0.5261627209167 - £78.20 Thank you Jay
  5. jai_raider

    Quote please

    Hi Please could I get a quote for the rear wiper pivot mechanism and associated parts on a 2007 e91 reg YD57 BCY I believe the below is the correct part numbers but please check Wiper axle cover - 61627142604 Hex nut M8-8-ZNNIV SI - 07119905515 Wave washer - 07119904115 Wiper arm - 61627118206 Hex nut - 07147172628 Gasket - 61627197857 Rear window key button with micro switch - 61319200673 Wipershaft pivot - 61627209167 Thank you