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  1. Mike320msport

    Petrol v Diesel

    Hi Looking to replace my 320I Msport and all the ones i have seen have had a hard life, there are loads more diesels to choose from so my question is are diesels as bad a we think especially where i don't use the car during the week and it does mixed driving on a weekend. Seen what looks to be a nice 320 and a 325 with v low miles Just wanting input from any diesel owners and issues I have a mate with a 318 d and no problems with 90k on it, bought second hand a few years back from someone who had looked after it.
  2. Mike320msport

    Bmw123d. Engine problem

    has it done many miles, does it have BMW s/history, might be worth contacting bmw head office and try your luck ? Might be worth trying to get an engine out of a scrap/ wrecked car ? Good luck Think you have just answered my question about buying a diesel
  3. Mike320msport

    service info

    sorted it, they had set the clock to the wrong date, so after resetting correctly i managed to then set the MOT date, borrowed a good diagnostic scanner which allowed me to reset the other dates to the correct intervals.
  4. Mike320msport

    service info

    Hi, Just had my bmw e90 petrol serviced by a local garage and they have reset the service information but on checking it my MOT is now due in 2027 and everything else looks at least a year out. I have tried to reset the MOT to the correct month/year but it won't store the new date so either I am doing it wrong or there is another issue. Does anybody know the correct procedure to change the dates on all of the service indicator items and what the intervals should be for brakes etc , I know the oil/ brake fluid should be every 2 years.
  5. Mike320msport

    E91 seat belt problems

    if the release on the seat belt buckle isn't working then you will have to replace the buckle assy which will mount direct to the car structure normally the floor by a bolt. you can try a breakers or parts supplier( might be dealer only). It is an MOT failure and a safety issue because if you have an accident the person in that seat may not be able to get out.
  6. Mike320msport

    Parts prices

    Hi, can i have separate prices for Ye57HZC 2.0 petrol spark plugs oil filter air filter engine crankcase breather vac pump seal kit rocker gasket thanks
  7. Mike320msport

    Dreams of an E39 V10

    Brave man , especially to have sold the old lump off, no going back now, good luck
  8. Mike320msport

    Exhaust parts

    thanks for the price, could you list the items ( sorry to be a Pain) then i can double check that i won't need anything else and sort the order out with you.
  9. Mike320msport

    Exhaust parts

    Hi Chassis number Ah24491 reg YE57HZC I cannot seem to find the prices you previously supplied for exhaust parts, I am wanting the exhaust gasket/nut and bolts where the front pipe bolts onto the cats and the gasket /bolts/nuts /springs where it connects to the rear silencer please. The front gasket should have 2 holes for the exhaust on my car(not sure if they are all the same.?) Thanks.
  10. Mike320msport

    1st and 2nd gear shudder!!

    has it ever had a clutch ?
  11. Mike320msport

    Vac pump

    hi , is that price just for the o ring between the pump and head or the seals to reseal the pump aswell, also can you confirm if my car has a breather for the crankcase/head and a price for that please as I have had two BMW parts guys saying different things, you have my chassis number and reg is YE57 HZC if that helps. Thanks
  12. Mike320msport

    Dreams of an E39 V10

    if you can get that working/ running correctly it will be amazing especially if it looks standard from outside. big pat on the back for having the guts to try it. Fingers crossed and cannot wait to see it finished.
  13. Mike320msport

    Vac pump

    Thanks, can I have price just for the seal kit to repair my pump and how long for delivery. Thanks
  14. Mike320msport

    vac pump leaking

    Hi I have a 320 petrol E90 that has had a couple of vac pumps fitted under wrty when it was under the Bmw Approved used warranty scheme,( first one leaked straight away) and which is now leaking again a couple of years later, is this because the vac pumps are rubbish or was wondering if these have a breather system which blocks which is causing too much back pressure and causing the pumps to fail ?
  15. Mike320msport

    Vac pump

    Hi Can I have a price please for a vac pump for my 320 petrol chassis ending AH24491 and a seal kit price also. Thanks