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  1. Member Offers Original BMW Shell Engine Oil 0W-30 Quote Ref 1 Litre Bottle of BMW Original 0W-30 £8.50 "ZHSELL30" 10W-60 1 Litre Bottle of BMW Original 10W-60 £9.99 "ZSHELL60" If you wold like to order, please call us 01592 657842 and quote the appropriate Reference Number
  2. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    0% Payment Plan

    Hi There All, We are now happy to introduce a new scheme of payment of over 6 to 10 months with option to repay early if wanted! We can offer this at 6 months from orders over £280 and 10 months for over £500 If you have an questions give me an e-mail at David.Reynolds@harryfairbairn.co.uk
  3. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    BMW Genuine Parts

    Hi Everyone Welcome to Harry Fairbairn BMW Kirkcaldy We are a Genuine BMW Parts Department based in Kirkcaldy, Scotland and we are here as official sponsor & vendor of the BMWForums.Info Our aim is to provide you guys with a quick and convenient way of pricing and ordering all of your BMW Genuine Parts. We offer a FREE recorded delivery service to anywhere in the UK via FedEx If you guys have an enquiry, simply create a new thread within our vendor section, let us know what you're looking for and be sure to include your registration or chassis number with the request! ...in turn, we will repsond to you guys with the best possible discounted prices as well as a 5 digit reference number which you can use when calling us to order. Our Direct Number is: 01592 657842 or alternatively email: kirkcaldy.parts@harryfairbairn.co.uk We look forward to hearing from you all! Kind Regards Elliot, Adam and David
  4. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    E46 M3 Inspection 2 Service Kit £225

    Genuine BMW Full Inspection 2 Service kit. Kit contents: 1 x 11427833769 Oil Filter kit with seals 1 x 64319257504 Micro Filter 1 x 11127832034 Cam Cover Gasket 6 x 11127831271 Spark plug hole Gaskets (cam Cover) 13 x 11127830972 Rubber Seals (Cam Cover) 2 x 07119963129 Seals (Fuel pipe) 6 x 12120022902 Spark Plugs 1 x 13721730946 Air Filter 2 x Diff Plug seals 1 x 13327831089 Fuel Filter Fittment: M3 E46 Convertible, Coupe & M3 E46 CSL To order, call and quote part number 88 00 2 303 996 as a reference. Kind Regards Harry Fairbairn Parts Team Direct Line: 01592 657842
  5. Harry Fairbairn BMW


    Hi All, Just a quick message to let you guys all know the forum is back up and working and got rid of the spam for now. If any more is to arise please report the post so any the admin can delete ASAP. Hopefully we haven't lost anyone to this and can still offer a great service to you guys! Kind Regards, David
  6. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    BMW F22/23 Black Kidney Grilles

    New offer for a pair of F22/23 kidney grilles. Quantity of 18 pairs available. Price for the pair is £67 Inc. V.A.T. and Delivery. Kind Regards, Harry Fairbairn Parts Team
  7. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    Screenwash Deals

    Hi Guys, just a quick message to make you all aware of the Screenwash offer we will be promoting over the winter period We are selling Genuine BMW Winter Screenwash at the following prices: 500ml: £2.23 1 Litre: £3.68 5 Litres: £14.42 To order, phone 01592 657808 quoting "Winter Screenwash Deal" These items come with free delivery. Kindest Regards
  8. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    Sport & Leisure Special Offer

    Hi everyone,We are doing a special package offer on BMW roof bars and a set of bike carriers for £252 inc VAT and delivery to mainland UK.This is available for all F model cars and G30, for confirmation we can check through your REG or chassis number.This is a limited time offer and can be withdrawn at anytime.Kind RegardsHarry Fairbairn Parts TeamDirect Line: 01592 657842
  9. Just to make you all aware, we have slashed the majority of prices on our Discs and Pads for Forum Members. Discounts of 40% to 50% off. If you need a quote, just start a new thread, and we will quote you happy! Best Regards Harry Fairbairn Parts Team
  10. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    BMW Floating Centre Caps

    Hi everyone, This is a brand new product that BMW have released, and we are pleased to have a full stock of them The BMW Floating Hub Cap consists of the BMW logo that no longer turns with the wheel, but instead remains level. The Hub Cap can be mounted to all BMW light alloy wheels with a pitch circle diameter of 120 mm. Send us your Vin or Reg to check compatibility. Quote Part Number: 36122455269, if you wish to order or discuss further Kind Regards, Harry Fairbairn Our Direct Number is: 01592 657842 Or alternatively email: kirkcaldy.parts@harryfairbairn.co.uk Payment Options: Visa Debit, Credit Card, American Express or Bank Transfer. Bank Transfer – Sort Code 83-21-27 Account Number 11106368 with your customer reference in the notes section but please call or email us with your delivery address.
  11. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    E92 M3 parts

    Hi There, Yeah the anti freeze is a 1.5ltr bottle and is £7.50 Kind Regards, David
  12. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    E92 M3 parts

    Hi There, 11531406249 - £2.56 for both 13717539903 - £3.56 Screenwash 5ltr - £14.70 51757896419 - £55.75 Ref Number - 10736 Kind Regards, David
  13. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    E91 Engine Coolant

    Yeah we keep these in stock! Kind Regards, David
  14. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    E91 Engine Coolant

    Hi Gary, Price for Anti-Freeze is £8.50! Kind Regards, David
  15. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    Parts Prices BMW E39

    Hi There, 51318159784 - £30.31 51318159785 - £43.16 51318159786 - £23.82 51718193201 - £16.09 51718193202 - £16.09 Ref Number - 10178 Kind Regards, David
  16. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    Few Bits

    Hi Stu, 07119906086 - x 3 - £1.66 11537792622 - x 1 - £22.87 64218367179 - x 2 - £3.18 11717787870 - x 1 - £31.92 Ref Number - 10084 Kind Regards, David
  17. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    E60 530D Thermostat

    Hi There, All sorted over the phone :) Kind Regards, Elliot.
  18. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    E46 Convertible Parts Quote (SK)

    Hi There Mr.Shah, 51138244336 x 2 - £6.12 54347027560 x 1 - £72.16 07119904539 x 2 - £3.11 07119963200 x 2 - £0.58 13907557924 x 1 - £19.39 13907558190 x 1 - £19.39 11611437560 x 2 - £3.18 11611727176 x 2 - £2.17 Ref Number - 64831 Kind Regards, David
  19. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    E70 Blower Motor

    Hi There, This part is listed for an X5 E70 but cannot check it is for your car without a registration or chassis, the part number has superseded to 64119245849 and is £199.08. Takes a week to come in and is non returnable once ordered. Ref Number - 64788 Kind Regards, David
  20. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    Price For Fuel Heater

    Hi Chris, Pre heating Filter element is £166 Ref Number - 64785 Kind Regards, David
  21. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    Price and availability please

    Hi Steven, All parts are available yes! Kind Regards, David
  22. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    Price and availability please

    Hi Steven, 2 Rear Springs - £217.62 for pair Exhaust Components - £53.48 Ref Number - 64671 Kind Regards, David
  23. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    Price please

    Hi There, 82279413886 - £23 Ref Number - 64669 Kind Regards, David
  24. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    E46 parts list

    Hi There, 11531437040 - £70.42 11537793373 - £4.18 07119905871 - £0.64 51148132375 - £32.36 51141807495 x2 - £0.71 13621433077 - £33.05 2x bottles of coolant - £14.45 Ref Number - 64668 Kind Regards, David
  25. Harry Fairbairn BMW

    Price please E46 grilles

    Hi Andrew, 51138208685 - £39.28 686 - £39.28 51132694607 - £53.62 Ref Number -64667 Kind Regards, David