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  1. Trippy

    N53 OFHG parts quote

    Hi, can I have a quote for the two gaskets in the oil filter housing area on the N53 engine please? Car is PX70129 Part numbers are: 11428637821 11428637820 I think it's only these two? Thanks
  2. Trippy

    Pump quotes

    Hi can I have a quote for the following part numbers please? They are high pressure fuel pumps 13518604231 13517616446 Thanks
  3. Trippy

    N53 HPFP and Sensor

    Thanks for the quotes. Is the price of the pump brought down if I send my old unit back to you? Cheers
  4. Trippy

    N53 HPFP and Sensor

    Hi, Please can I have a quote for the parts listed below? They are for car PX70129. HPFP: 13517616170 Low pressure sensor: 13537614317 And finally a quote for a set of interior mats for the E93 please? Thanks
  5. Hi can I have a quote for injectors, coil packs and spark plugs for my 2008 330i (N53) please? Chassis number is PX70129. Injectors (index 11): 13537589048 Coil pack: 12137559842 Spark plugs: 12120038349 And theres some sort of sensor on the high pressure fuel pump. LP sensor: 13537614317 Thanks