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  1. Glen

    Speedometer question...

    My car has a non-functioning 160mph speedo, but the only replacements I can find are 150mph...can I use the 150mph?, or will the calibration be off?
  2. Glen

    1985 635CSI

    I have an opportunity to purchase a very low mileage 1985 635CSI in perfect condition... I was wondering what a good price would be, since I know very little about the car. Also, any help in learning the differences between Euro spec and American would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
  3. Glen

    1985 635CSI

    The only rust I have found on the entire car isca spotbwhere the end of the plastic front bumper has rubbed the front fender (wing) . I had it on a lift and there is no rust between any section of the double walled rocker panels....no damage to any of the square pads that people use as jack points. It has a few issues, but I bought it for less than the 15 he was asking. The original owner was so anal about this car, that when the tires wore out he replaced them with Coker 1985 BMW Michelins!!
  4. Glen

    1985 635CSI

    It has 140,000 miles....asking $15,000 USD