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  1. DebzM3CP

    Price please 🙂

    Perfect Elliot, now I’m looking for a favour, maybe quite cheeky!? Would it be possible to send me the pro-forma on letter headed paper to confirm the full details for the exhaust system? thank you in advance x
  2. DebzM3CP

    Price please 🙂

    Morning Elliot, that’s great thank you! Just to confirm this is for the full Mpe? Not just a back box? Nobody else seems to understand lol debbie
  3. DebzM3CP

    Price please 🙂

    Evening, sorry it’s been a while since this post, I’m just wanting an up to date quote for the full mpe system. I’m not sure if the above was the full mpe or not? Looking for it with the carbon tips. thanks in advance Debbie
  4. DebzM3CP

    Price please 🙂

    Looking for a price for the below for my 2018 m3cp f80 vin - 5K97557 part numbers 51192450847 18302349921 these should be the mpe exhaust system and m performance rear spoiler. need price for supply and fitting please Debbie