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  1. JamesNW5

    1st and 2nd gear shudder!!

    Replacement? not sure, didn't come with much paper work
  2. JamesNW5

    1st and 2nd gear shudder!!

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah the shuddering started sporadically and is now all the time, also when going over cobbles/speed ramps, there feels a small amount of give coming through the steering
  3. JamesNW5

    1st and 2nd gear shudder!!

    When pulling away in 1st gear and changing to 2nd the car shudders, forcing me to dip the clutch again. Any advice on why this may be happening would be grateful. Ive been told to have the CDV (clutch delay valve) removed but unsure this would rectify the problem. 325i ci (04) 114000 miles