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  1. mickeya5

    e box fan

    Hi I have a e46 m3 reg fl53bkx .I am after prices for the e box fan 12907570074 ,i have taken the old one out an its a two pin one. also price for the prop guido 26112226527 an six nuts 07129900047. regards Mickey
  2. mickeya5

    rod bearings e46 m3

    Thanks guys received parts today,thanks very much. regards Mickey
  3. mickeya5

    rod bearings e46 m3

    Hi guys can I have a quote on the following(assuming they are right) please for my m3 reg fl 53 bkx 1124783410 x12 rod bolts 11247835440 x6 top bearing 11247835439 x6 bottom bearing 11137834886 x1 sump filter gask 07119963150 x1 plug ring 11431707164 x1 dip o ring 11131437237 x1 sump gask 11427833769 x1 oil filter 31106772199 x12 stretch bolts would like to order today if possible ,I`ll keep an eye on me phone ! many thanks Mickey