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  1. Lee.e82

    My e82 sport plus edition

    Some pictures of the wrap in progress. also having the wheels refurbished aswell
  2. Lee.e82

    My e82 sport plus edition

    Added a combo and reversing camera to the cic I retro fitted, car is now being wrapped but I’m having problems uploading pictures
  3. Lee.e82

    E82 part price please

    Hi can I have a price please on 51162159456 + 51162159457, they should be carbon fibre mirror covers thank you
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  5. Lee.e82

    Parts price please

    Hi can I add this to the order 51717896829 x2 cap can i also get a separate price on these 51162159457 carbon left 51162159456 carbon right thank you
  6. Lee.e82

    Parts price please

    Hi is this price still correct? As I’d like to order this today
  7. Lee.e82

    Parts price please

    Could I have a price for Air Duct Moek Left Closed 51740433107 x1 Air Duct Moek Right Closed 51740433108 x1 Expanding rivet 51111944537 x4 I believe there is also some sort of c clip that is also used to fix these but I can’t find a part number.
  8. Lee.e82

    My e82 sport plus edition

    Not much of an update but got involved in another accident on the 9th of January front and rear. I’ve still not got it back I had it back for about an hour on the 7th March but the car was damaged coming off the transporter and the boot was full of water due to being left outside with no rear lights fitted.
  9. Lee.e82

    My e82 sport plus edition

    Hellomate sorry for the delay in replying it was the sport kit I used, handles great and I don’t feel any different between these and the msport springs
  10. Lee.e82

    My e82 sport plus edition

    Bumper and skirts were fitted all of 3 days before some one on the motorway rammed me in the rear, I was doing around 75 at the time he drove off before getting any details. Then a week later I get contacted by my insurance he’s trying to put a claim in against me and the insurance company is not sure what’s going on, unfortunately for him that part of the motorway is full of cameras. Already put the wheels in motion to have it repaired so not going through insurance 😕
  11. Lee.e82

    My e82 sport plus edition

    Grabbed myself a bargain and got the Bmw Performance front bumper and side skirts for the car. Had them painted
  12. Lee.e82

    Price please

    Hi can I have prices please 51110432378 right grill 51110432377 left grill 51110432376 centre grill 51117837429 tow eye cover 51740442875 duct kit could i have a break down of the prices please cheers lee
  13. Lee.e82

    My e82 sport plus edition

    Plastic surround has turned up 😬
  14. Lee.e82

    My e82 sport plus edition

    Cic retrofit this was one of the things I wanted most when buying the car but couldn’t find the right one with the bits I wanted. So it’s only took 7 seven months for the bits then this little lot popped up on eBay at 3 in the morning. I’m just waiting on the plastic surround should be here any day now C0B818DD-2547-4814-9F87-F183B783E4DD.MOV
  15. Lee.e82

    My e82 sport plus edition

    It’s the 120d with Bmw fitted power pack or performance pack