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  1. mashad91

    E46 320D oil service

    Hi Can you please provide a quote on an oil filter and 6litres of oil for registration NL04WHP? Thanks Mashad
  2. mashad91

    E46 Gearknob

    Hi The one I currently have is a 6speed M sport leather one. Do you not stock that one? The leather on my one has torn which is why I was looking to replace it. Thanks Mashad
  3. mashad91

    E46 Gearknob

    Hi David Thanks for your response. Would you be able to provide an image of the gearknob you're referring to? Thanks Mashad
  4. mashad91

    E46 Gearknob

    Hi Can you please provide prices on the different gearknobs available for my 320D E46 (6 speed manual)? And also a price on the crankshaft pulley please. Registration number: NL04WHP Thanks Mashad