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  1. Jeremy2031

    Crankshaft not turning

    No. Head is still on. I dont want to remove Vanos and head before TDC. Tge only thing i hve still installed is the Vanos, Clynder Head, starter. Everything else is removed. I cant turn it. Ive picked up the back wheels and put in neutral and it wont turn. Could i remove the head and vanos and then try to turn? Then put back with everytging exactly the same?
  2. Jeremy2031

    Crankshaft not turning

    I'm replacing head gasket. And the car was running before I started project. Now the crankshaft wont turn to tdc. Am I missing something. I have everything removed. And It wont turn. I'm afraid if I go all out on breaks bar I'll break crankshaft bolt.