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  1. Tartan

    Butyl Tape

    Hi, could you give me a price for a roll of the butyl repair tape. Part No. 83190153321 Many Thanks Phil
  2. Tartan

    E90 Mirror Glass

    Hi David, Mirror glass and screenwash arrived today as promised. Excellent service as always. Could you give me the price for a sump gasket please Part No. 11137511224. Thank you.
  3. Tartan

    E90 Mirror Glass

    Hi, Could you please give me price and availabilty on a N/S Heated mirror glass (Part No. 51167158901) Many thanks Phil
  4. Tartan

    E90 N/S/F Inner door handle

    Ordered yesterday. Thank you for the great price and service. Phil
  5. Hi could you give me price for the following please:- 51417230849 - Door pull strap in black And 51419150335 - Also in black Many thanks Phil
  6. Tartan

    Engine Oil

    Hi, could you please give me a price for your BMW 0/30 Twin power turbo engine oil Part No.83212365929 and also would it be possible for it to be delivered by Wednesday? Thanks Phil