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  1. price on following parts please 12217801201 12237786869 x6 thanks simon
  2. striker

    330d cold startingissues

    just recently my 330d struggles to start from cold ie first thing in morning after turing ignition off back on again re start it fires up after few attempts i've herd few people mention could be fuel pump relay behind glove box? anyone got any ideas? thanks
  3. striker

    engine cover removal e81

    hi chaps want to do oil and filter change on my misses e81 120d couple of things how do you remove engine cover to gain access to oil filter secondly what tool do i need to remove oil filter cap (wat size is actual cap) cheers
  4. striker

    e46 instrument cluster

    hi my instrument cluster bulb which display the mileage etc has gone is this an easy fix or could be the fuse any help gratefully appreciated as this will fail my mot thanks