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  1. Meka

    R53 Mini JCW S34 Build

    Down to the garage and check all the fluids make sure they are all still there haha and correct, engine bay could do with a clean but looking good.
  2. Meka

    R53 Mini JCW S34 Build

    Well here is my Mini r53 cooper s jcw. Fitted with the 200bhp kit. Built in 2002 and registered in 2003. Jcw build number s34, which is very early and not the easiest to find such a low edition, most you see are in the very high thousands, there is still a few low numbers around most are tucked up and get the odd turn off the wheel. When I got this the paint work was very dull and hadn't seen a decent wash in many years, so I set about it and got some life back into it and now looking rather fresh and gets a lot of compliments when out and about. Managed to source the jcw carbon fibre dash along with the carbon fibre handbrake handle to match the carbon gear stick and sourced some carbon fibre down tubes that sit at the sides of the centre lower dash. Took old spot lights off as they were gone and rusted at the backs, so got a new matching set to get fitted back on. Still on the look out for the jcw recaro seats but not widely available and when to do pop up they go for absolutely crazy prices and sell right away, just like the e36 Vader interior. Now sourced larger injectors which will be fitted and will be looking at fitting a uprated cam and colder spark plugs and intercooler, which then will need a remap to make all work together.