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    Advice on M Performance kit

    Hi, I wondered if you guys could give me some advice as I have a few questions about buying the M Performance body kit. My car is a 2018 435d Coupe M Sport in white. 1. Are there different kits you can buy as I've seen some advertised as entry level kits? 2. What parts come with the kit? 3. Are the parts for the cills actually oversill plastic parts or just stickers? 4. Does the front splitter just fix over the top of the existing bumper panel? 5. How easy are these kits to fit, is it a DIY job or dealer job, would it be relatively easy to remove them when i get rid of the car as its a lease car? 6. Are the aftermarket kits any good or are they best avoided? 7. What should I expect to pay (approximately) for a genuine kit? Apologies for all of the questions but I want to make sure I make the best decision based on advice from you guys who are in the know.