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  1. Good Morning, Could I please request a price for the following random items! - Single Rear Passenger side Wheel Nut ( Non locking) - New Exhaust Tips ( Black ) Car Serial: J031831 - MY13 M135 Thank You!
  2. alxscott

    MY 05/13 - M135i

    I’d think I may have had that feature enabled / coded before I got the car! Siri eyes Free / Bluetooth streamed music etc? Out of interest could you give me a price please?? Thanks again!
  3. alxscott

    MY 05/13 - M135i

    Ah ok! Quick last question: Would this item ( https://shop.bmw.co.uk/bmw-uk-responsive/en_GB/p/-/wireless-charging-tray/2449887/) be compatible with my 135? Thanks David Alex
  4. alxscott

    MY 05/13 - M135i

    Morning David, Apologies I wrongly presumed Wireless Charger was relatively generic! I have a iPhone X. Thanks again, Alex
  5. alxscott

    MY 05/13 - M135i

    Good Evening, Is there a Wireless Charger Snap-in adapter for my M135i ( Sn: J031831)? If so do you have a price? Many Thanks in Advance! Alex