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  1. Seems I need to replace mine :( VIN ends PL67789 Part number looks like 11 12 0 030 496 to me Thanks
  2. Could you quote me for the following inspection service parts for VIN PL67789 88 00 2 157 523 Service kit, oil filter plus cabin filter 13 72 1 730 449 Air filter thanks
  3. For PL67789 From unofficial online parts diagrams, I get: 11 28 7 636 379 Alternator/pump belt 11 28 7 512 762 AC belt I may also need the replace the tensioner pulley on the alt belt. Before I remove everything, Is there a way to definitively tell from my VIN whether I'd have the hydraulic or mechanical tensioner? I'd guessed from my late production date - Nov 03 - it'd be the later hydro type but peering at it from above it looks more like the earlier mechanical. I'm no technician though, just someone who reads too many forum posts...
  4. Too late to edit, I just realised that the tensioner may even have been changed by a previous owner. Who knows what the indy garages he took it to might have fitted. So even if I knew it left the factory hydraulic that wouldn't necessarily help. I can't find a part number for the mechanical tensioner using my VIN though. Are you able to find one and give me a price for that also, or are they now NLA?
  5. can't think what else to call it, so here's the part number off the broken piece :) 51718244046 VIN PL67789 thanks
  6. Could you quote please for a pair of rear discs, VIN PL67789 I have part no. 34 21 6 864 052 Thanks
  7. elfer

    e46 330ci rear discs

    Thank you! Stupidly I forgot about the pads, which I'll be changing if changing discs. Could you price a pair of those too please? I believe the part no. is 34 21 6 761 240
  8. elfer

    E60 Microfilter(s)

    Could you quote for microfilter(s) for an E60? VIN CM72462 Not my car so I don't know, but the online ETK diagram suggests it takes two of them. If so, guess I'll need two! Thanks
  9. VIN PL67789 I've part number 34 21 2 213 311 And could you tell me if the price is per side or for the axle. Thanks
  10. Thanks , David. I'll call you in the morning.
  11. elfer

    E46 330ci service parts

    Since posting I've discovered the engine air filter isn't on the Inspection 1 (which I'm doing) schedule, it's only changed at Inspection 2. Could you quote me with and without that, and depending on the cost I'll either do it anyway or pull the one I have out and see how dirty it is first.
  12. elfer

    FM Antenna cable

    Could you quote me for the FM antenna cable that connects into the back of the radio (non-nav) on a 2004 E46 facelift coupe? ( I believe the other end goes into the antenna amp box on the C-pillar, and part number is 61 12 6 912 488 ) thx VIN PL67789
  13. Could you quote me for 51 16 0 038 345 nearside mirror cap, painted Titansilber It'd be for VIN E436073 Thanks
  14. elfer

    E87 LCI Mirror cover

    Ah, probably easier for me to source one used then. Thanks though.
  15. Could you tell me the price for a new bonnet safety catch lever for VIN PL67789? I have part number 51 23 8 238 459. I'm after the lever that pops out from the left kidney, not the one in the driver's footwell. (Never had a problem with the lever on my (older) previous e46, but despite lots of greasing this one has refused to let me lift up the bonnet a number of times. If they're not expensive I might just replace it) Thanks
  16. elfer

    e46 Antenna cable

    Broken the plug at then radio end of my FM antenna cable. Is 61 12 6 912 488 the replacement cable I'd need? Could you get me the price if so. VIN is PL67789 Thanks
  17. elfer

    e46 Antenna cable

    Yep, that the fella. Thanks As they're that much though I think I'll have a go at crimping a new plug on the end of the cable first. Nothing to lose... Expect me on the phone if it doesn't work!
  18. elfer

    Discs E46 330ci

    Saw your sticky about 40-50% off brakes. Could you quote for front and rear discs for my 330ci? 34 11 6 864 047 Front x2 34 21 6 864 052 Rear x2 Thanks
  19. Could you give me a price for 63 21 6 920 699 please for PL67789. Got rear-ended in traffic and the lens on my original got broken. Knowing the RRP is steep on these I've so far bought two used off ebay. The first had a scuffed lens so I sent it back and the second filled with water when it rained. Trying to decide whether to risk a third ebay purchase or stump up for a new one.... Ta
  20. elfer

    e46 facelift coupe left tail light

    Thanks, Adam. That's not as bad as I was fearing. I decided last night I might as well try and make one good light from my two bad ones, but will order next week if (when) that doesn't work..
  21. elfer

    E46 spring pads

    Need new upper and lower pads for the rear springs on VIN PL67789 33 53 1 136 385 (x 2) 33 53 1 094 518 (x 2) Thanks
  22. elfer


    Hi, I need some of the plastic push pins that hold the rear bumper cover to the crash bar: 8 x 51 11 8 174 185 And rubber washers for all the rocker head cover bolts: 15 x 11 12 7 838 077 (I think those are the correct part nos) VIN: PL67789